Can’t Find Your D23 Expo Tickets In Your D23 Event History? Here’s How To Fix That!

Recently D23 emailed directions on how to transfer and activate your D23 Expo badge. We have a few people whose tickets aren’t showing up at all when they follow D23’s directions for ticket transfer. 

****IMPORTANT: If you bought EXPO tickets but don’t have tickets to transfer or activate appearing under your account if you followed the login directions from D23 please take a moment to read this whole post to save yourself drama later this summer!!****

Before you do anything you need to do some personal “troubleshooting” by making sure you are logging into the D23 account that actually PURCHASED the tickets. Which means:
  • If a Duo member logged in and bought the tickets they need to login to see the tickets.
  • If a friend or family member logged in to their account, or their login was used, to buy the tickets they need to login to see the tickets.
  • If you have updated your email on file with D23 since you bought your Expo tickets, try logging in with that email and password. 

Pro Tips for figuring out what email account was used to buy the tickets:

      • The D23 member who received the email with the ticket transfer and activation directions is the member who SHOULD see the ticket info on the “Activate/Manage” site when they login.
      • The account used should have the original Expo ticket order confirmation/invoice in their Email inbox. (Search your email for an email with the title “Your Receipt For D23 Expo 2022 presented by Visa”
      • You have to visit the event ticket site and login with your D23 login. Tickets won’t show on the D23 website.

I still can’t find my tickets, now what? If you have double checked and confirmed that you have signed into the correct D23 account that was used to buy your Expo tickets and followed the directions D23 sent out yesterday and still don’t see your tickets you will need to contact D23. The best option at this point is to send an email to D23 at

Why an email? Because you can include screenshots and attachments on an email, and these are things that Tech Support folks find to be useful when resolving issues. In the email calmly explain that you have followed the directions they sent out yesterday and do not see your tickets.

Make sure you include the following in your email so that D23 doesn’t have to email back asking for info/details etc:
  • Your full name, the email you use for your D23 account, your D23 account number and your address, if you have a Duo account I would include that member’s info too and clearly note that you bought the tickets under account A but have also checked under account B just to be safe.
  • If you updated your D23 account login since you bought your tickets make sure you include your old email address as well.
  • The ticket date you purchased your Expo tickets
  • The number of tickets you bought (the more specific you can be the better so 4 Adult Gold Member Rate 3-day, 2 Children’s Sunday only tickets etc.
    If you are including a screen of the ticket list just state “See attached picture/file of ticket order confirmation for a complete list of the tickets purchased.”
  • Your ticket confirmation ID number which is in your original email invoice/confirmation (A screen shot or attached PDF of that email is never a bad thing to include)
  • A screen shot of the ticket Activation/Management website that you have logged into using the right email to show them you are logged in properly, and that the tickets aren’t there. Again if a Duo account is involved I would include screenshots of this from both accounts and clearly note which image is which either by Jpeg Name or by using a photo editor to note in a bright easy to read font “Picture of page using ___email address__ to login.”
  • Explain that you have followed their directions to login to your D23 account so that you can transfer Expo tickets to other members of your Expo going party, and that your tickets are not showing in your account.
  • Note that you have in fact confirmed you are in fact using the proper D23 login and have included pictures of this to help their troubleshooting team.
  • Let them know if they have questions or need to call and walk you through anything on the system that the best way to reach you Monday-Friday, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST is _____.

Please make sure you are patient as this may require them to open an IT ticket with the company that runs/hosts the ticket sale site.

Even if you don’t have to transfer tickets to other guests, because several people have mentioned their tickets aren’t showing up when they follow D23’s directions I am strongly encouraging everyone who has purchased D23 Expo tickets take a moment to be proactive and please take a moment to visit and login using the correct D23 account to ensure you see your ticket info.
Why should guests who only bought one ticket do this? This way you can resolve any issues with missing tickets now instead of stressing out last minute later this summer when they announce how to reserve things etc.