2022 D23 Expo Badges Are Arriving in the Mail And We Have The Details You Need to Read

D23 Expo badges started arriving in parts of Florida today. We want to share some information with you on what they shipped in, how to see if your badge has shipped and what came with them.
As a reminder badges are only being mailed to US attendees. As noted in your ticket info, International guests will pick up their badges at Will Call. D23 has assured us that International guests will be able to make reservations without their badges in hand and that more info will be released on how that will work when they announce how the reservation system will work. Also Will Call hours will be released later this summer.

Badge Packaging
D23 Expo badges are mailing in a whitish padded envelope via UPS Mail Innovations, which means UPS will hand the package off to USPS for delivery. We are guessing Patron Technology is the company who printed them, even though they aren’t being mailed from Pittsburgh.

How can I see if my badge has mailed yet?
In the past you couldn’t check and see if your badge had mailed. You just had to sit and wait it out. But this year D23 listened to people begging for tracking and gave us that option.
To see if your badge has shipped you want to go to the “My Tickets” section of your D23 account and click on the ticket info in the blue-grey box.  (If you tickets aren’t showing up please read our post “Can’t Find Your D23 Expo Tickets In Your D23 Event History? Here’s How To Fix That!” for details on how to make sure you are checking the right account for your tickets, and if you are how to contact D23 so that they can help you resolve the issue. Once you click on the blue-grey box your order information will expand. If you scroll down you will see your tracking number under “Status.”

I have USPS InFormed Delivery, what should I look for?
The shipper is showing as ID AND C / UPS – MI in BRADENTON,FL 34211. It was shipped as “Parcel Select Lightweight–USPS Tracking” and the tracking number starts with 9274 8902 7120 6554 3475 **** **.

What was included with the 2022 D23 Expo Badges?

There is a letter in with your badges that mentions transferring and activating badges, parking, show hours and entry, reservations and more. We have copies of the full letter below thanks to Georgian, a member of our Facebook group D23 Expo 2022 – D23 Members, Expo Fans and Attendees.
D23 confirms in the letter that there will be a new D23 Expo App available for download closer to the Expo that will let you get the latest Expo info, full event schedule, interactive Show Floor map and will link your badge to your confirmed reservations. D23 did not state when this would release but historically the Expo app hasn’t released until the full Expo schedule has been released.
The most important takeaway is that while they while they will once again have a random selection process later this summer for panels and experiences guests who do not get the reservations they were hoping for will be able to use a standby queue for most panels and experiences. More info on the reservation process, standby line etc will be released later this summer.

I don’t have my badge yet I am freaking out!
Please don’t freak out. This doesn’t help anyone. Badges are being mailed in batches. Thanks to D23 adding tracking info to the ticket site you can now see when your badge has shipped, and if USPS is properly scanning it at each point track it. Historically it takes 2-3 weeks from the point the first attendee tells us that they got their badge for everyone to get theirs, which means we are looking at mid-July as being the earliest you should freak out about not having your badge yet.