Disney Social Club Mythbusters: Will Decorating a MagicBand Effect The Signal?

Does decorating a MagicBand effect it’s signal? Our final mythconception about MagicBands is one that truly baffles me. People constantly ask us if painting or decorating their MagicBand w ill effect it’s ability to work. As I mentioned earlier MagicBands have two antennas. The Near field communication (NFC) antenna is a type of antenna that is the set of protocols that enables smartphones, MagicBands and other devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching the devices together or bringing them into proximity to a distance of typically 10 cm (3.9 in) or less.
The MagicBands NFC range has about a 1-2 cm range.This is the antenna you use when you are making direct contact. So things like resort room key, ticket, room charge, FastPass+, and Photopass Photographer band scans use the NFC option.  The long range antenna has up to about 50 ft line of site and is used for things like ride photos.

Crystal Covered Band by “Enchanted The Crystal Visions”

That being said, things like MagicBand decals, duct tape, nail polish, acrylic paint, spray paint, even “bedazzles” and crystals won’t effect a MagicBands antenna. The thickest of these items is the “bedazzles” and those tend to be about .25 cm thick and don’t block or modify the NFC signal like many fear will occur.
So based on the FCC filings about the MagicBand’s range, our own personal testing of the band itself, and park guests testing of pretty much every decorative items known to man having been slapped on a MagicBand, we can say without a doubt, the mythconception that paint or decoration will effect a MagicBand signal is in fact busted.

I would once again like to thank “L” who was an original member of the MagicBand team, and Drew Disney Social Club’s own Cyber Security Specialist who holds 2 Masters in Cyber Security and a slew of Networking, Software etc Certs for assisting in this article! Also a big thank you to Enchanted: The Crystal Visions Collection for letting us use their images. If you visit them tell them our friends the DisBrides set you!!