Disney Social Club’s Dis Hub The Home For Disney News

DisHubNews.com is the official website of the Disney Social Club. The Disney Social Club is a home for all Disney fandoms. We offer Disney Fans various ways to come together on different social media outlets and websites to share their love of all things Disney.
At the moment we are still building our site but when we are done we plan to have “Channels” set up for various Disney Fan favorites and interests. Disney News, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Parks Outside the US, Aulani, Disney Cooking and Eating, Disney Media, runDisney, Star Wars, Marvel, Disney Weddings and Disney Crafts are just a few of the channels you can expect to see on the Disney Social Club website once we have finished building it.
Some of our Channels may even be run by friends we have in the Disney Community that are subject matter specialists to ensure you get the best information possible. For example the Disney Wedding Channel will be run by the ladies at DisBrides.

Our History
Our team came together in 2012 when we started a D23 Expo Specific Facebook group as well as a Facebook page dedicated to all things D23.
This group was originally created in 12/2012, about 8 months before the 2013 D23 Expo to help people learn and plan for the Expo, and to make friends before hand. Our team realized though during the Expo this group had become a place for Disney fans to gather, meet, and discuss more than just the then upcoming 2013 D23 expo. During an Expo Group Meet-up it was decided we would keep the group going in preparation for future Expos, other D23 events and to discuss all things Disney and changed the name to D23 Members, Expo Fans and Attendees.
Over the last six years we have slowly started expanding our Facebook Page posts to include all types of Disney news, and so the idea of the Disney Social Club was born.

The Concept
The concept behind the Disney Social Club is simple. All Disney fans have one special thing that makes them love Disney. Be it a movie, a song, a park, a ride, the food or the music we all have a favorite “Disney something.” The Disney Social Club was created to bring all of those “Special Disney Somethings” together in a new way. Fans are encouraged to submit articles, reviews, photos, even videos of their favorite “Special Disney Something” to be published on the Disney Social Club’s website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

How to Find Us
You can find us on our Facebook page, feel free to join our Facebook Group, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.
Our official Hashtag is #DisneySocialClub23

 What Can You Do To Become a “Member”
The Disney Social Club is open to everyone, because the idea behind the Disney Social Club is that it will be created by the fans. There is no membership fees or costs, all you have to do is follow us, tag us, or even submit an article to become part of the family. If you have a Disney themed craft you would like to show others how to make and have either written directions or a video of you making this item, have a recipe you want other Disney Foodies to try, a resort tour video or park review you’d like to share, or you just want to write about an amazing experience you’ve had because of Disney we want to help you share it with other Disney fans.

Article, Photo, Art, or Video Submission
The Disney Social Club’s only requirements for submission are that you are submitting original content, that there are no advertisements or links to other sites in your submission, and that you keep it family friendly.  While we hope that the majority of the content that is submitted, we also understand that Disney fans also like to go to Universal, SeaWorld etc. so we will accept and share submissions about other theme parks etc. and post them to our “Other Parks” channel.

We ask that all submitted articles be sent as a Word attachment or as a link to Google Docs. Please run grammar and spell check on your article before submitting it to ensure we don’t have to correct anything and accidentally modify your article.
Please include one to two images in JPG format to go with your article. If you do not have photographs of your own please cite the source of the images you submit.
Please include a link to your Instagram account so that we can properly credit you and allow others to follow you if you would like.
To submit an article please email DisneySocialClub23@gmail.com