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Home to the widest assortment of Disney merchandise for everyone in the family, D23 Expo 2019 merchandise will give fans a wide variety of specially curated collections and limited-edition (LE) series with a behind-the-scenes twist. Honoring some of Disney’s biggest legacies, here is a snapshot of what fans will see:

  • Disney Designer Collection: Midnight Masquerade Series – The fan-favorite series returns with a new twist and features doll sets of Tiana and Naveen, Giselle and Edward, and Aurora and Phillip. Rapunzel, Belle, Meg, Cinderella, and Esmeralda will also be included. In addition to dolls, fans can pick up pin sets, stationery, mug and plate sets, and more
  • Legacy Collection – This LE collection will celebrate anniversaries and milestones for some of the most beloved Disney characters and films including:
  • Donald Duck 85th – Plush, collectible pins, a retro T-shirt, varsity jacket, hat, and more
  • Silly Symphony 90th – Spirit Jersey shirt, retro T-shirt, pins, and more
  • The Lion King 25th – Celebrate the wonder that is The Lion King with LE collectibles, plush, litho set, and more

The Little Mermaid 30th – Celebrate 30 years of The Little Mermaid with journals, ornament sets, pins, apparel, dolls, and more

Take home a LE “Talking Woody,” “Talking Jessie,” and “Talking Bullseye,” along with a LE plush set of Ellie and Carl in their “Adventure Book” and much more

Backstage Collection – Go “Backstage” for a behind-the-scenes look into DisneyPixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Walt Disney Animation Studios to celebrate the artistry, legends, and rich heritage of The Walt Disney Company.

  • Disney Backstage Collection Subscription Box – D23 Expo guests will be among the first to see and order the new Disney Backstage Collection subscription box, which celebrates the artistry of Disney through limited-release T-shirts, pins, and more, delivered to your doorstep—all in a custom-designed package.
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios “Under the Hat” – LE Wreck-It Ralph Shadow Box, mug, and sketchbook
  • Disney•Pixar “Under the Lamp” – Pixar campus hat, fleece, tiki crew mug, and more
  • Lucasfilm “Behind the Force” – All-new crew jacket and hat along with a LE “Java the Hutt” T-shirt, mug, and more
  • Marvel “Behind the Hero” – A LE Black Panther Shadow Box, hat, and more

Mickey Mouse Shufflerz – Fans can extend their “Mickey Mouse Memories” collections with the new Mickey Mouse Shufflerz that highlight Mickey through the years—pressing the top of the figures 10 times causes them to “shuffle” along their way! Pick up the LE 13-pack or single figures

Limited Edition Donald Duck Plush in a Juice Can
MSRP: $34.95

Silly Symphony’s 90th – Mug and Limited Edition Pin Set
MSRP: $29.95
No Details as of 6/13/19
The Lion King’s 25th – Limited Edition Collectible
MSRP: $129.95
Marvel Backstage – Limited Edition Black Panther Shadow Box
MSRP: $59.95
Shufflerz Mickey Memories Mega Set Limited Release
Retail: $169.95
Dimensions: 3.5″ each
This Shufflerz Mega Set of 13 has 12 designs inspired by the Disney store Mickey Mouse Memories series, and features one special Mickey design in his classic outfit. Just press the top of Mickey 10 times to see him shuffle away!  
Pixar Backstage – Tiki Crew Mug
MSRP: $39.95
Walt Disney Animation Studios Backstage – Caffeine Patch Mug
MSRP: $19.95
Lucasfilm Backstage – Crew Jacket (back)
MSRP: $69.95
Lucasfilm Backstage – Crew Jacket (front)
MSRP: $69.95

Below are the items shown in the Sorcerer Level RSP and the information for each item from that form.

Designer Collection Masquerade Doll Set of 5 Limited Edition
Retail: $649.95
Dimensions: 11” each
The Disney Designer Collection is proud to introduce the Midnight Masquerade Series inspired by the magic of moonlit balls and the elegance of beloved Disney heroines. Designed by Disney store artists, these dolls come with intricately crafted masks that feature iconic motifs. The five characters of Belle, Cinderella, Esmerelda, Megara, and Rapunzel will be showcased at the D23 Expo as a first peek. These detailed dolls will be available starting in October 2019 but here’s your chance to reserve the full set in advance through a pre-sale and have them shipped to you at a later date. Each doll is a limited edition of no more than 6000 pieces worldwide. They’ll add a touch of exquisite glamour to any collection. This item is available for pre-sale only and not available for pick up at the Expo.  Item will be shipped beginning the week of November 5.  There is no additional charge for shipping. This item is not eligible for any discounts.
Mr. Toad Tsum Tsum Set
Limited Edition: 1000
Retail: $29.95
Dimensions: 6.5” H x 6” W  
This Tsum Tsum Set celebrates The Adventure of Ichabod and Mr. Toad’s 70th anniversary. The story comes to life with special attention to detail to the packaging that makes it seem like you’re reading the classic  tale in a storybook.  This item is not eligible for any discounts.
Carl and Ellie Plush Set
Limited Edition: 1000
Retail: $79.95
Dimensions:  16” H x 14” W 
This plush set of Carl and Ellie captures the beloved story’s 10th anniversary. Open the adventure book, and you’ll remember the sweet moment of friendship and love in the iconic scene of Disney Pixar’s Up.  This item is not eligible for any discounts.
Industrial Automaton Hat Limited Release
Retail: $19.95
Dimensions: 9″ 
Established in the Star Wars galaxy as one of the largest droid manufacturing corporations, Industrial Automaton is best known for its astromech droid models such as the R2 and BB units. This galactic company is now brought to life through this special release nylon hat featuring the Industrial Automaton company logo embroidered along with a small droid on the back. As established by the Lucas film team, the logo’s design nods to the iconic droids the company manufactures.
30th Anniversary Edition Ariel Doll
Limited Edition: 1000
Retail: $159.95
Dimensions: 17″  
In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, the Disney store is proud to present this worldwide, limited-edition Ariel doll. The red-haired beauty is enchanting in her meticulously-detailed pink gown featuring delicate lace trim, a pleated and ruffled bodice, puff sleeves and brocade corset. This item is not eligible for any discounts.
LEGO® 20,000 Leagues Submarine
Limited Edition: 1
Retail: $6,000.00
Dimensions (sub only): 26″ L x 5″ W x 6″ H
Dimensions (sub with base): 26″ L x 8.5″ W x 10″ H 
In celebration of the 65th anniversary of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, LEGO® has built a one of a kind model of the Nautilus. This limited edition of one is a unique and special item that is sure to delight a fan or collector. This item is not eligible for any discounts.
Disney Animators’ Collection Ursula Vinyl Figure
Limited Release
Retail: $14.95
Dimensions: 4″  
Inspired by the character design from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, this young interpretation recaptures our favorite sea witch with her two beloved hench-eels in spell book inspired packaging.
Disney Animators’ Collection Maleficent Vinyl Figure  
Limited Release
Retail: $14.95
Dimensions: 4″
Inspired by the character design from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, this young interpretation recaptures our shadowy sorceress while staying true to the nature of the original character with a mischievous expression that hints at her darker side. The doll is featured in spell book inspired packaging.
T’Challa and Shuri 2-Pack Action Doll Set Limited Release
Retail: $129.95
Dimensions: T’Challa – 11″
Shuri – 10″
Inspired by Marvel’s Black Panther, this 2-pack acton doll set highlights brother and sister, T’Challa and Shuri, who embody steadfast loyalty to each other and to their home, Wakanda. T’Challa is featured in a robe with embroidery detail and Shuri has rooted hair and a mesh dress. Every detail has been captured for fans and collectors alike. 
Silly Symphonies Pin Set
Limited Edition: 15
Retail: $2,499.95
Disney Store proudly presents this Limited Edition framed pin set of 52 celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Silly Symphony animated short films. Produced from 1929 to 1939, the cartoons introduced breakthrough innovations in technology and are an important part of Disney animation history. Designed by Disney Store artists, these meticulously-crafted, enamel filled pins are a colorful addition to any collection.   This item is not eligible for any discounts.
Backstage WDAS Wreck It Ralph Journal
Limited Edition: 200
Retail: $79.95
Go behind the scenes of their emotional journey in Ralph Breaks The Internet with this elegant, limited-edition journal designed by Disney store artists. Filled with rarely-seen concept art, storyboards, color studies, character sketches and art notes created during the film’s development, this journal showcases the imaginative and creative exploration required to bring the world and characters of an animated film to life. This item is not eligible for any discounts.