D23 Expo RSP Merchandise Information Has Been Released

The D23 Sorcerer Level RSP has been released. The RSP allows Sorcerers to enter into a Lottery to purchase a select number of items prior to Expo. Please remember the pre-order Lottery is currently only open to Sorcerer Level attendees.
Most of the items will be available for sale to all Expo guests. Please remember though that some items with very low edition numbers (say under 100) may not make it to general sale at the Expo. As of 6/18/19 all items are available for purchase at the D23 Expo to all guests holding a D23 Expo ticket.

We have updated the 2019 D23 Expo ShopDisney Merchandise article to reflect all of the RSP items shown you can see those items by visiting

2019 D23 Expo ShopDisney Merchandise: http://www.dishub.news/2019/06/13/2019-d23-expo-shopdisney-merchandise/

Due to the massive number of items that need to be added to the 2019 D23 Expo Dream Store Merchandise article, so that we have that information in the future as the RSP will eventually be taken down, we are currently sharing the direct link to the Dream Store RSP and the link to our Dream Store article so that you can see those items as well.

RSP: https://www.eventswithdisney.com/profile/web/index.cfm?PKwebID=0x123881abcd&varPage=home

2019 D23 Expo Dream Store Merchandise Article: http://www.dishub.news/2019/06/13/2019-d23-expo-dream-store-merchandise/