Information On D23 Expo Advanced Online Reservation System for Overseas Guests

Early today we shared with you an email D23 sent out stating this year’s Expo will have advance reservations online for shopping times at select Disney retailers, guaranteed entry to select sessions, and and reserved times to meet special luminaries and celebrities. While D23 did clearly state that they would be sharing more information soon many of our members from outside of the US became concerned because the reservation system will use Expo badges which are not being mailed outside of the United States. While we don’t have all the details on how the system will work, we at least know there will be a way for guests traveling to the US to participate in the online advance reservation system.
A quick call to the wonderful team at D23 helped clear up some concerns. We were told that “guests outside of United States who have purchased D23 Expo tickets will be able to participate in the online advance reservation system. These guests will still need to pick up their badges on site it will call but they will be able to participate in the advance online reservations. More information on how this process will work will be shared in the next few weeks. “
Also as a reminder the online shipping registration has only been announced for select Disney retailers at this time. To see the original announcement from earlier today visit our website at:

D23 Expo Confirms Advance Online Reservations For Shopping, Panels And More!