What to do if your 2022 D23 Expo Badge hasn’t arrived yet from D23 (US guests only)

It’s July 28 and you live in the US and your 2022 D23 Expo Badge hasn’t arrived yet…. what should you do?
(International guests see the end of this article for a reminder about your Badges)

The process to find out where your badge is is pretty simple.

  1. D23 had said at the end of June it was going to take 2-4 weeks for them to mail all those badges, and the end of the 4 week time frame was just a few days ok. So it is very likely your badge could just be in route with USPS still. So step one is to check if your badge has shipped and then track it. To do this login to the D23 Expo Badge management website. There you can see if your badge has shipped, a tracking number will be posted, and if it has you can use that tracking number to track it. Not sure how to find your tracking info? Check out the article we shared in June that has all that info here.
  2. If your Badge has shipped to your US mailing address and shows as being delivered to an old address or just seems to be lost in the mail, the person who purchased the badges will need to email D23 Guest Relations at GuestRelations@D23.com.In that email include the following information:
    1. The purchaser’s name and the email address they use to login to their D23 account.
    2. The address the badges shipped to (if they went to the wrong address because you didn’t update your info include the proper address and make sure you update all of your Disney accounts shipping info.)
    3. Let them know that you have logged into your Badge management info and that your badges went to the wrong address, haven’t scanned since the last date shown in USPS tracking, show as being delivered and weren’t, whatever you find.
    4. Include a screenshot of your Badge Management screen that shows them the number of badges that are missing and the Badge numbers D23 has assigned to your account.
    5. Include a picture of the USPS tracking information that shows the full shipping history of the package.

D23 should reply to you and let you know that they have deactivated the original badges, and will be reissuing new ones that can be picked up at Will Call with your Photo ID and your physical or digital D23 Membership Card.

International Guests please remember:

  • D23 is not mailing your badges to you, which they disclosed in all of their info. You will be picking up your badges at Will Call.
  • Will Call hours have not been released at this time.
  • D23 has confirmed that you WILL be able to take part in the reservation lotto system without a Badge in hand. When they release the details on how the reservation lotto will work they will include info on how that will work.