What to do if the Transfer Button is missing from your D23 Badge Management system

We have had several  guests reach out to us saying that the “transfer” button is missing from their D23 Badge management portal under their list of badges. Please note this is different than the “2022 D23 Badges are showing as Ineligible” issue. 

First try and dump your browser history and cache and log back in in Chrome Incognito. If this doesn’t change anything, take a photo of your ticket portal showing the ineligible information.
You want to send an email with that picture to D23 Guest Relations. Title your email “D23 Expo Badge Transfer Button Missing from Badge Management Website” so that Guest Relations knows right away there is an issue they need to look into.
In the email you will want to include the following details, we recommend using bullet points:
  • The email address used to buy the tickets
  • The invoice number for your Badge order (a copy of the invoice showing your email in it is also great to attach to the email.)
  • The email address used to login to see the tickets
  • The browser type(s) used that is showing the same issue, note that you have recently dumped your browser cache and history and this did not fix the issue.
  • Clearly state, I am not attempting to activate any of these tickets, I understand that D23 has activated them for me. I want to transfer them to other eligible guests and can’t because the Red Transfer button is missing from my ticket portal, but I do not have the ineligible notice showing under my ticket indo.
  • If you know the last day you logged in to view your tickets state “I logged in on __ and that error wasn’t there at that time.”
  • Tell them they can reach you by email at __ or by phone at _ if they have questions.
  • Ask them what you need to do to help them resolve the “missing transfer button” issue because you want to transfer the other badges to a member of your party before reservations open as you both want to make different plans.. (We don’t care if you want to make the same plans as other guests you are going to Expo with, we just don’t D23 them firing back with “oh you don’t HAVE to transfer and we already activated your badge” as an automatic response instead of resolving the issue.)
  • Also request they email you when the issue is resolved, but in about 5 business days after you send the email login and see if it was resolved without them emailing you.
Email it to D23 Guest Relations at GuestRelations@D23.com
Do not call, you want a paper trail. Please understand that D23 isn’t fixing this the ticket company is. D23 isn’t sending “thanks for emailing us emails” either. They also aren’t always emailing guests to tell them when they have resolved this issue, so every few days you will want to login to your Badge portal to see if they error notice is gone.If you don’t have a resolve by the evening of 8/10 let our team know by DMing out main Facebook page and we can try to help you escalate the issue, but we need to give them at least a week and change to resolve this.

If you are having issues