Disney Social Club Explains: The New Disney Parks Play App And How To Use It

Earlier today Disney launched their new Play Disney Parks App. This app was suppose to be released tomorrow (6/30) but it was a nice surprise to wake up and see it on our phones. This morning our team took some time to play with the app and then created a basic “How To” on the game with pictures and tips. We will also be playing the game in Walt Disney World, and hopefully Disneyland this weekend and will share photos and tips on actual game play then!

1.Download the Play Disney Parks App from your app store


2. After opening the app the Welcome Screen will appear and explain to you that the game needs GPS/Location Access and Bluetooth turned on.

3. Pick your Park/the park you are visiting. You will be able to go back at any time to change between the two.

4. Once you select your coast a map will load. The first time you play, take a moment to login to your Disney account and customize your account. To do this tap on the “Mickey Head” icon on the top left of the screen. This will take you to your “Playfile.”
Here you can change your player icon and name by tapping on the edit pencil.


Under Player Management you can Add Players by adding them using their Player Tag.


And this is also where you go to sign into your existing Disney account, or create one if you don’t have one already.


The “My Achievements” section will also keep track of your Game Achievements at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. You can even toggle between the two to see which parks you have the most achievements at.
The thing to remember is Achievements are unlocked using your Disney account so make sure you are logged into it before playing.




5. Once you pick between Disneyland and Walt Disney World a map showing the parks you can choose from will appear. As you scroll around the parks you will see logos like Question Marks (Trivia) Music Notes (iMusic Play Lists) Stars (Attraction Achievements) and speciality game options.
The Music options and trivia options currently work from home letting you enjoy this app even when you aren’t in the Disney Parks.
The Blue “Up Arrow” in the top right of your main screens will let you toggle between parks. In Walt Disney World if you tap on the up arrow while in Magic Kingdom it will take you to the map showing all four Florida parks. If you tap it again on that screen it will take you to the main “Select a Destination” screen letting you switch to Disneyland and the Disneyland and California Adventure parks.


You will find games specific to each coast as well as Land/Park specific trivia options. the game will track your trivia score so if you decide to go back and play say the Adventureland Trivia game again you will see your point progress.


Epcot offers guests the option to play the Agent P’s World Showcase game and the Soarin’ Challenge.

At Animal Kingdom guests can play Animal Expeditions at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, Maharajah Jungle Trek and at the Tree of Life.

At Hollywood Studios guests can play Playset Party and Andy’s Boardgame Blast.

At Magic Kingdom the Off to Never Land and Rocket Race are currently available.

Disneyland has game in both parks, and while some are unique to that coast, some seem to be California versions of Walt Disney World attraction games like Off to Never Land and Rocket Race.. At California Adventure Playset Party is available for guests to play, as is the Disney Colorwheel Challenge. Notice how this game tells you what Wifi network you need to be on to play this particular game.